Homemade Soup of The Day                                                                                       €4.75

Served with crusty baked loaf


Golden Coated Garlic Mushrooms                                                                           €5.75

Button mushrooms coated in golden breadcrumb served with garlic

Mayonnaise and salad garnish


Homemade Seafood chowder                                                                                  €6.95

Our famous and heart-warming creamy Seafood chowder served with brown bread


Chicken Wings                                                                                                                   €7.95

Our seasoned chicken wings served tossed in sauce of your choice, BBQ, sweet chilli,    Cajun or fiery hot. Accompanied with carrot & celery sticks and garlic dip


Crab claws & King Prawns                                                                   €8.95

Local Dunany point Crab claws and king prawns cooked in garlic and mild chilli butter served in a crispy wonton basket





Fillet Steak                                                                                                       €25.95

Fillet steak cooked to your liking served with sauté onions & mushrooms & choice of sauce


Stone House Steak Special                                                                               €24.95

12oz sirloin steak cooked to your liking topped with French fried onions accompanied with choice of sauce


Medallions Of Fillet Steak                                                                                €23.95

Two medallions of fillet cooked to your liking served with crispy onions & choice of sauce


Oriental Sea bass                                                                                                  €19.95

Fillets of sea bass marinated with soy, spring onion, 5 spice & ginger


Duo Of Zesty Salmon & King Prawn                                                                                   €16.95

Fillet of salmon & king prawn cooked in zesty lemon & cracked black pepper on a bed of wok fried vegetable & noodles


Parma Chicken                                                                                                  €15.50

Succulent breast of chicken wrapped in Parma ham served on Champ potato with pesto cream sauce